Pedigrees on Lazy JV Billy Bob and Lazy JV Vivienne
Lazy JV Billy Bob
Triple CCC Frosty Pride
Sulphura's Spotted Pride
Cha-Bop Hilda
Lazy JV Black Velvet
Nealy's Spotted Dustin
Sugar's-Paradise Flashback
Delightful Times Lonely Pride
Sulphura's Shady Spot
Mini Rosa Joy's Top Gun
Cha-Bop Tar Baby
Bell-Haven Samsons Sammy
Nealy's Star Bright
C.J. Farms Oh Smooth Talker
Sugar's Paradise Mistys Mirage
Infinity Two of a Kind Noah
Sulphura's Frosty Spot
Dixie-Lee's Frosty's Calvin
Sulphura's Shady Spot
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pedigree with pictures on Noah
and his ancestors going back 4
more generations, I owned this
buck several years, very nice buck
with wonderful offspring.
Lazy JV Vivienne