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Creep Feeder with Entrance Pen
Safety Panel for Birthing pens
Kidding and Lambing Pens
Use for grafting kids to other does or ewes by having receiving animal's head caught and restrained  so kids/lambs can be easily
grafted. This panel will interchange and attach to our other portable panels to be used in pens, or can be used alone.

Item # GGP405 - 4' tall x 5' wide Grafting Panel =  Price: $ 141.00
Item # GGP404 - 4' tall x
4' wide Grafting Panel =  Price: $ 137.00
Item # GGP403 - 4' tall x
3' wide Grafting Panel =  Price: $ 134.00
The # GGP403- 3ft wide Panel can ship individually by UPS/Fed Ex Ground, larger sizes ship by Freight Truck.

Other panels that can be used with the grafting panel as a pen are pictured in the panel section. All of our panels are interchangeable and connect together easily
with drop pins. Or can be attached to a wall or post with 'wall pockets'.
Add this panel to your kidding pens to allow kids or lambs to
enter to a protected area and prevent doe or ewe from laying
on them. Also good in grafting pens when doe is not in the
Grafting Panel. This panel will fit right inside of Northeast
Gate 5x5 Kidding pens or any 5ft wide stalled area.
Item# GPS305    Price: $ 122.00
Creep Feeder has an adjustable feed flow control and entrance gate that is also adjustable depending on
the size of lambs and kids. Panels attach with drop pins for easy entry if needed. Feed is poured in easily
from the top of the feeder on the back side. Holds 650 lbs of feed.
Item # GCF650 Price: $ 678.00
includes Creep feeder, two side panels and front Creep Feeder Panel with adjustable creep door.
Bow Gates with Built in Creep Feeder Door
This is a handy idea for creep feed areas when people have to enter regular. Kids and lambs can enter through
the adjustable creep door in the middle of the gate, and the larger door makes it easy for people to enter the
area for filling feeders, etc. Bow Gates can be attached to other panels with drop pins, or attached to wooden
post with wall pockets.
Grafting Gate Panel
Creep Feeder Box Only (without Entrance Pen)
Our Creep Feeder is available alone without Pen. Feeding area has adjustable sliding feed control panel to manage how full feeder stays.
Grain area will hold 650lbs of feed. Top has a lid for easy feed filling from the back of the feeder. This creep feeder is galvanized. NEW
added feature at no extra charge, these creep feeders now come with a rain visor that can be raised or lowered over the feeding area to
protect the feed from the weather. Powder coated in your color choice. See photos below of the current creep feeders. The photos above
show all the other features.  
Item # GCFBOX.Creep Feeder Box only - Price: $ 469.00
Click Here for more information, uses, pictures and prices on Portable Panels to use as pens
Mini Creep Feeder
This is a 150lb. Feed capacity creep
feeder.  It has a roller gate on the front
that adjusts every 2" so that the
openings can be made 4", 6" or 8".  This
creep feeder is 36" long by 24" wide and
30" tall on 4" legs and it is all
galvanized, then powder coated in your
color choice. Ideal for the Goat or Sheep
Rancher with smaller sized herds so they
can purchase a creep feeder with
entrance creep area attached. This
feeder weighs @ 80lbs empty.
# GCFMINI  150lb Mini-Creep Feeder
Price:  $399.00
Creep Feeder Panel with Roller Bar Entry Door
This new creep panel opening is now adjustable with removable "roller bars".  By removing the center bar, you have
one opening 4" wide and then by removing the two side bars and leaving the center, you have two openings 4 .5" wide.
# GCFFPO - Creep Feeder Panel Price: $114.00.
Creep Feeder with 5ft entrance gate,
with creep opening in gate
Same as Creep Feeder pictured above, only instead of a
front panel on the holding pen, a 5ft Bow gate is used
for easy entrance.

Item # GCF5G650 Price: $ 738.00
LAZY JV RANCH Equipment Sales
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Equipment sized for goats, sheep, mini horses,
and other livestock
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$ 177.00 each
All Panel gates now come with the new spring latch pictured to the left unless the older
style vertical sliding latch is specified.
Creep Feeder Box: 50"
wide x 36" deep. Rain
visor: 9" deep x 50" wide.
Feeding Trough area: 5"
deep x 48" wide. Trough
is 4" tall. Top Lip of
trough is 11 1/2" off the
ground. Feeder empty
weighs @ 130lbs.
For those ranchers that don't have that extra person around to hold lambs or kids to castrate or band, the
BOY BASKET can make this job much easier. This holding basket is made with 6 gauge, 4" x 4" wire. The legs hang
down between the mesh giving you safe and easy access to the job at hand.
Item # BB500 - Price: $39.00
Mini Creep Feeder pictured next to our
regular 650 creep feeder to show sizing.
Economy Working/Grafting Chute for the Rancher with a small herd
Working Chute designed and priced for the Sheep or Goat Rancher with smaller herds. This chute sets on the ground. The head
catch is the same style as our grafting panels. Makes working goats by one person much easier. Swing gate in back to hold the goat in
the chute once they enter. Once the head is caught, doors can open on either side to give shots, trim hooves, etc. With this chute
being at ground level, it can also be used for grafting lamb/kids. Panels can be purchased separately and attached behind, or to the
side of the chute to make alleyways, holding pens, and grafting pens, if needed.
#GCE14- $ 599.00
Click Here to view all of our working chutes, and working systems
Powder coated
Double Side Grain Feeder
Double Side Bulk Grain Feeder
works well for ADULT Goats
and Sheep and other similar
sized livestock.  Top of trough is
18 inches off of the ground.
Feeder holds 250lbs of grain.

#DBULK Price: $ 487.00

(See #GCFBOX and #GCMINI Creep
Feeders above for kids and lambs)
# GCBG403
36 inch wide
Bow Gate with
Creep door
$ 145.00 each
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#GGP405 - 5' wide Panels Pictured
Show attached to other panels to make a pen.