Size: 5, 6, 10, or 12ft long X 4 ft. tall -10inch opening door for feed area
Electro Galvanized Steel and Powder Coated for durable use.

Item# EZ405 -5ft EZ Feeder Panel and feed trough (60 lbs)  Price: 157.00
Item# EZ405.H- 5ft EZ Feeder Panel and feed trough with Hay Rack (75 lbs)  Price: $222.00

Item# EZ406 - 6ft EZ Feeder Panel and feed trough   Price: $184.00
Item# EZ406.H- 6ft EZ Feeder Panel and feed trough with Hay Rack  Price: $243.00

Item# EZ410 - 10ft EZ Feeder Panel and feed trough (102 lbs)  Price: 252.00
Item# EZ410.H - 10ft EZ Feeder Panel, feed trough, and added Hay Rack (127 lbs)  Price:329.00
Item# EZG410 -10ft EZ Feeder Panel, feed trough, and walk thru Gate (103lbs)  Price: 320.00
Item# EZG410.H - 10ft EZ Feeder w/ trough, walk thru gate, and Hay Rack Price (128 lbs): $ 387.00

Item# EZ412- 12ft EZ Feeder Panel and feed trough (125 lbs)  Price: $ 273.00
Item# EZ412.H - 12ft EZ Feeder Panel and feed trough with Hay Rack (156 lbs) Price: $ 367.00
Item# EZG412 - 12ft EZ Feeder Panel and feed trough with walk thru gate (121 lbs) Price: $ 345.00
Item# EZG412.H- 12ft EZ Feeder Panel and feed trough with gate and hay rack (145 lbs) $ 417.00
Easy Feeder Panel with Feed door locked closed after feeding
time.  With trough on the outside animals can not stand in trough
and this keeps trough clean when not in use. Feeding is also easier
because you can leave door locked until feeder is filled so you
don't have to dodge heads trying to fill trough with grain.
10ft Easy Feeder Panel with feed door
open and in use.
The Easiest Way to feed goats or sheep
Easy Feeder with option of hay
rack added. Horned Goats
have no trouble eating from
panel feeders. (
Side panels not
included in price)
Easy to use sliding latch
keeps door locked when
not in use.
Can be used in a fence line for large
herd feeding needs. (troughs pictured
not included, these were added by
Wall Pockets can be purchased seperately and can be used to attach any of our panels to a post or
wall. You will need 2 wall pockets per end panel.
ltem # (PPFH) Wall Pockets $ 3.75 each
This feeder is for all types of goats and sheep, even animals with horns. V-shaped trough, grain area is
12 1/2 inches inside width, 6 inches deep. The feeder is on skids to make moving easier. The top bar
prevents animals from standing in trough. 12 inches from the ground to top of trough, 8 inches between
trough and top panel. Feeder is 8ft long. Powder coated in your color choice from chart.
Item # GFE8- 8ft Economy Goat and Sheep Feeder. Price: $209.00
8ft. Economy Goat and Sheep Feeder
This feeder is ideal to use
in stalls, kidding pens, or
at shows. Hooks in back
for easy attachment to
fence or gate. Has section
for hay and grain. Let us
know your powder coated
color choice.
Hanging Stall/Kidding Pen Feeder
Item # GFKP- Hanging Stall/Kidding Pen Feeder (21" wide)  $79.00
Item # GFKPL Hanging Stall/Kidding Pen Feeder (40" wide) $169.00
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This is the new mini hay and grain feeder.  It is half the width of our current Hanging Stall Feeder pictured
above and works much better for miniature horses and donkeys.  There is more distance between the hay and
the pan so livestock with heads larger than sheep or goats can get their head in and out better to eat grain.
Price: Mini Feeder is $64.00
Mini Feeder (Ideal for miniature horses and donkeys)
LAZY JV RANCH Equipment Sales
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Equipment sized for goats, sheep, mini horses,
and other livestock
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# EZG412- 10ft EZ Feeder Panel with 36" walk thru bow gate.
9ft Feeding area for animals. The feed trough is not pictured, but
is included with the EZ feeder panel.
Easy Feeder Panels: a one of a kind item Manufactured by Northeast Gate Company. Feed your goats or sheep from
the outside of the pen. These panels make feeding your goats and sheep simple and easy. Door latch stays shut
while filling up your feeder with out having to fight pouring feed around animals heads while they are trying to eat.
Once feeder is full, the door can be opened and animals can eat with ease. Once finished, the door can be latched
shut again, keeping feeders clean by keeping animals out of feed trough when not in use. The feed trough is quick
and easy to remove for cleaning if needed. These panels will also attach to our other 5ft. and 10 ft. panels or by
using #PPFH-wall pockets and can be attached to an existing wall or post. The EZ Feeder products are 1 3/8" x 16
gauge frame and ​1" x 16 gauge feed door and hay rack. 4"x 4" x 6 gauge welded wire mesh insert.
Double Side Grain Feeder
Double Side Bulk Grain
Feeder works well for
ADULT Goats and Sheep and
other similar sized livestock.
This feeder is tall for small kid
and lamb feeding.  Top of
trough is 18 inches off of the

#DBULK Price: $ 465.00

(For lamb and kid feeding, See #GCFBOX
and #GCMINI Creep Feeders in
lambing and
kidding section)
Trough is easy to remove for cleaning. The EZ
feeder panels can be attached to other panels
with drop pins, or mounted to a wooden post
using the wall pockets.
# EZ412.H- 12ft. EZ Feeder Panel with added Hay Rack
# EZ412- 12ft. EZ Feeder Panel pictured
If you have questions about any products, or if you would like to check on shipping cost for items
you are interested in, send us an email of your list, with your City, State, and zip code, or call office
phone at 270-525-9977.  When you are ready to place an order, call our Office,  Monday thru Friday
10:00am - 2:00pm Central Time.  Office is Closed on Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays.
ALL ORDERS placed by phone call only. Sorry, due to the size of our products, we are unable to offer ordering by internet.
Custom made EZ Feeder Panel and hay
rack with solid sheet metal backing.
Easy Feeder Panel with hay rack
EZ Feeder Panel with hay rack.
Hay rack can be latched against the
feeder panel when not in use.