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Equipment sized for goats, sheep, mini horses,
mini donkeys, and other livestock
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Phone: 270-525-9977
Cages for Rabbits and Chickens
Made in sets of 3 cages, each cage is 2' x 2' x 2'. They are situated 3' off the ground with removable
trays for easy cleaning. Overall dimensions are 5' tall x 6' long x 2' deep.
Made with galvanized 16
gauge - 1" inch square galvanized tubing. Sides are  14 gauge galvanized, 1" x 1" welded wire mesh.
Floor is galvanized 16 gauge, 1/2'' x 1/2" wire rabbit cloth mesh. Trays are made with 18 gauge
galvanized sheet metal.
See available color choices on chart below.
Cages built to order. Estimate a 4 week build time, once ordered, until shipment.
Let us know your city, state, and zip code (by phone or email)
and we can check on the shipping cost to your location.
Item # RC3 - Rabbit/Chicken Cage-  Price: $ 549.00
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