Pedigree and lambing info for:
Lazy JV Missy Misty
Ewe - Born February 2, 2000
Painted Desert Sheep Society Registration # F-96
Deceased August 2009
Sire: Little Dude Tyler
Dam: Little Dude Tylene
Foundation Ewe
No Picture
No Picture
Show Results:
2005 Painted Desert Sheep Society Cyber Show:
1st Place - Adult Ewes Conformation (25 in class)
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Ram born 02-17-2001 Pictured as lamb
and adult
Lambing Record of Lazy JV Missy Misty
Ram born November 4, 2001
Pictured as lamb and adult
Ewe born October 8, 2002
Ewe born May 26, 2003
Triples born: February 6, 2004,
spotted ewe lamb pictured as adult
Twins born: January 4th, 2005, White ram
pictured as lamb and adult, black lamb is a ewe.
Triplet Rams born: March 1st, 2006
Twin Ram lambs born: July 18th, 2005
Ewe lamb born:
December 3rd, 2006
Ram born June 30th, 2007
Ewe Triplets born February 23, 2008
Lambs to left Sired By:
Lazy JV Dodger Ram
Lambs to left sired by
Lazy JV Dodger Durango
Lambs in this section Sired By:
JJ's Desert Ace's Wild
Lambs in this section sired by
Bentley's Ecliptic Granite